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Thuya Eyebrow Lamination Kit, also known as the Eyebrow Lift Kit, consists of three (3) main items:


Step 1 Thuya Permanent Gel (Processing times 10-15 minutes)

Permanent gel solution reacts by chemically softening the inner structure of the hair by breaking some of the cross links within and between the protein chains of the hair. The hair swells, stretches and softens.


Step 2 Neutralizer Cream (Processing times 10-15 minutes)

Neutralizer Cream is then applied to “set” the new shape of the hair by reinserting the cross linking bonds.


Step 3 Thuya Regenerating Cream

Regenerating cream seals the result from first and second steps. Naturally moisturizes the eyebrows. Vitamin E improves the hair structure and some of its internal characteristics. It nourishes, moisturizes the hair, as well as protects them from the harmful effects of the environment.

Argan oil contains more than 80% of polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids and has a high content of vitamins A, E, F. It is ideal for maintaining and enhancing the effect of coloring procedures and lamination of the eyebrows.

Neutralizer and Regenerating creams will help neutralize any remaining alkalinity affecting your skin's optimal pH level after the Brow Lift procedure aka Brow Lamination.

Thuya regenerating cream needs to stay on for 24 hours.

Processing times for Permanent Gel and Neutralizer cream are 10-15 minutes each depending on the thickness of the eyebrow hairs.


Thuya Client After Care:

Proper aftercare is important for maintaining the results of your brow lamination procedure, which typically lasts between 4-6 weeks. Without the use of oils or Thuya regenerating cream to support the eyebrows, the results may not last as long.

To ensure the best possible outcome for your clients, we recommend following the Thuya NYC Client After Care guidelines:

  • Do not wet the eyelashes or eyebrows for at least 24 hours after the treatment.
  • Avoid hot baths/showers, saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools for 24 hours.
  • Refrain from wearing eye makeup for 12 hours and use oil-free makeup remover when necessary.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the eye or eyebrow area to prevent irritation.
  • Limit exposure to direct sunlight to avoid weakening the perm effect and fading the tint color.
  • Avoid using chlorine and certain skincare products, as they may shorten the effects of the perm and tints.



Always follow product application protocols. The Brow Lamination procedure is a chain of chemical reactions, and requires a specific product application protocol. Do not try to invent your own way of applying products. Only trust official Thuya NYC recommended procedures and protocols.

Thuya Lamination kit


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