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4 weeks online course where we provide step by step strategy on how to triple clientele and become a high end beautician.


It has 8 sections and anytime the access will be opened to a new sections


Within 4 weeks you will:

  • Be fully booked

  • Raise your prices

  • Expand your business

  • Properly delegate marketing 



What you will learn:


Module 0 Rich Beauty TechLesson 1Rules
 Lesson 2What you will learn
 Lesson 3Point A B C
Module 1 Analyzing Competitors & PricingLesson 1How to become a high end beautician.
 Lesson 2Analyzing Competitors
 Lesson 3Detailed analysis
 Lesson 4Analysis of Social Media, Google page, and website
 Lesson 5Pricing
Module 2 PortfolioLesson 1How a client chooses their beautician.
 Lesson 2sellable portfolio
 Lesson 3How to organize photoshoot and create good pictures
 Lesson 4Team
Module 3 PhotoshootLesson 1Photoshoot
Module 4 ContentLesson 1Social networks
 Lesson 2Instagram
 Lesson 3 Part 1Facebook Part 1
 Lesson 3 Part 2Facebook Part 2
 Lesson 4TikTok
 Lesson 5Content
 Lesson 6Tips for stories.
 Lesson 7Reels Videos and Posts.
Module 5 Attracting new paying customersLesson 1

What needs to be prepared before running any marketing campaigns

 Lesson 2

Working hours, service times, and pricing.

 Lesson 3Booking Systems and Policies
 Lesson 4 Part 1Google Part 1
 Lesson 4 Part 2Google Part 2
 Lesson 5Landing Page or Website
Module 6 Loyalty systemLesson 1Client for a life
 Lesson 2Bonus cards or reward systems
 Lesson 3Offers
 Lesson 4Referrals
 Lesson 5Engaging customers on social media, texts and email
 Lesson 6Encourage customer feedback.
 Lesson 7

Collect 70 reviews from you clients within a month

Module 7 Creating client flow without paid adsLesson 1Free promotion opportunities.
 Lesson 2Collaborations with other beauticians
 Lesson 3Collaborations with influencers
 Lesson 4Facebook Groups
Module 8 TargetingLeson 1

What you need to know before you start targeting

 Leson 2Targeting Preparation
 Leson 3Targeting
Module 9 How to increase return rate of your clientelle.
Future strategy for growth.
Lesson 1How to work with a client
 Lesson 2Future Strategy of Growth. Certification



Rich Beauty Tech

$2,500.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price

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