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Glue for quick and reliable fixing of eyelashes on the curler in the lamination process. Does exactly what you expect of glue—gently but firmly fixes lashes on the form. That’s why Lash & Go glue is affordable and easy to use, even for specialists with little experience. Doesn’t run; no unpleasant smell; no excessive mark-up. Try it in your work and you won’t want to overpay for other brands of glue. Lash&Go does its job perfectly and at a very reasonable price. Laminating glue comes in a convenient package with a small and incredibly nice brush. It’s so easy to apply the product, using just as much as you need. Economical, convenient and incredibly stylish! Each tube of Lash&Go is a real dose of inspiration that creative personalities like eyelash lamination specialists will definitely appreciate. It’s recommended to use it with other Lash&Go products in order to achieve perfect compatibility of the preparations. Each procedure has a 100% predictable and reliable result.

Lash_Go Glue for Lamination, 5 ml


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