Contrasting white paste designed for quick, individualized form modeling when stained with henna or paint.

- Dense consistency: the paste does not spread, it is convenient to apply it, building perfectly straight lines;

- Elasticity: the paste does not dry out or crumble during the procedure;

- Gentle formula: the paste does not dry out and does not irritate the skin when removed;

- No preservatives: brow-paste is made on the basis of beeswax and lanolin.

HENNA EXPERT paste can be used for both professional and home coloring.

A sketch of the shape of the eyebrows is worked out based on the natural data of the client: the shape and pattern of eyebrow growth, features of the structure of the face, the location of the eyes, the shape of the nose, lips, natural slight asymmetry). And you can easily control the boundaries of the modeled shape!


Brow marking Paste

  • Instruction for Henna from Henna Expert:

    • Clean eyebrows from makeup

    • Exfoliate brows with brow peeling or scrub. Preferably to use Henna Expert exfoliant gel or Henna Expert Brow Peeling. This step will allow you to remove all the skin flakes from brows, so the color will be even on the brows.

    • Clean eyebrows from scrub or peel. Ideal using Henna Expert Brow Shampoo

    • Apply Henna Expert Brow Cleanser to remove all the oil from the skin and prepare brows for applying henna.

    • Mix henna with room temperature water. Apr one measuring spoon of henna with 7-8 drops of water. Mix it till solid consistency and wait 2-3 minutes. Consistency should be the same a sour cream. 

    • Apply with 2-3 layers depending on the result and color that you want to get. Maximum Exposition time 20 minutes. 

    • Remove henna with cotton pads and warm water.

    • If color is too bright, you can remove the density with Henna Expert Remover.

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