How does botox for eyelashes work? Effect of botox for eyelashes has changed after updating the formula of LASH BOTOX:


Treatment and nourishment are 40% more intense. We hydrolyzed not only keratin, but also collagen. Particles of the healing substances have become even smaller. They easily penetrate deep into the hair and fill damaged areas. Eyelashes grow faster. Combined with tocopherol, which supplies every cell with oxygen, salicylic acid stimulates growth. New component in LASH BOTOX. Softness combined with elastic curl. Collagen brings elasticity. Panthenol smooths cuticle of the eyelashes to a glossy shine. Action of hyaluronic acid makes excessive eyelash stiffness disappear. Long-lasting coloring has become even brighter. Research in our Swiss laboratory allowed us to find the ideal ratio of argan oil to other components. Eyelashes are colored more intensely. Color is rich and long-lasting—up to 8 weeks.

Botox for eyelashes Lash Botox


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