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Mega Volume Lash Certification Staten Island

Just like classic and traditional volume lashes, mega volume lashes are safe for natural lashes if the extensions are applied correctly. We will teach you how to apply mega volume extensions safely and how to properly isolate lashes to the correct amount of adhesive. You will also learn how to avoid natural lashes from breaking. You will learn how many extensions you can put into your fans to keep your client’s natural lashes healthy and strong. Finally, you will learn how to create a fan where the extensions are equally spaced to give a beautiful look. A good weight balance will give your clients great retention and keep their natural lashes healthy and strong. If you are googling terms like mega volume lash certification Staten Island, mega volume eyelash extensions classes Staten Island, or mega volume eyelash extensions certification Long Island, then you are at the right place. Book an appointment today with Your Classy Eyes.

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