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4/5d Volume Lash Training Long Island

Is 4/5D volume lash training and course right for you?   The application for eyelash extensions requires a lot of attention to detail. You must have a lot of patience, have steady hands, good eyesight, and be able to sit for hours at a time. Must be passionate or have interest in the beauty industry and want to make others feel more confident and beautiful!   No previous experience necessary to register for the 4/5D volume lash training and courses.   Topics we covered:  

Eyelash Theory & Natural Lash Growth Cycle

Eye Shapes & Lash Styling/Layering

Product Knowledge

Lash Curls, Diameters & Lengths

Isolation tips & tricks

Lash Space Set Up

Client Consultation/Consent Forms

Allergies & Sensitivities

Decontamination Guide, Hygiene & Safety

Step-by-step Application Procedure

How to do fills & remove eyelashes

Process of full eyelash extension removal

Guide to Perfect Retention


Pricing, Business & Marketing

  You can find Your Classy Eyes by googling terms like 4/5D volume lash training Long Island. Book an appointment with Your Classy Eyes today.
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