Brow & Go is an affordable long-term brow styling product that delivers consistent, predictable results. A reliable eyebrow styling system will help both the professional stylist and the novice to achieve different effects from the procedure using the same formulations.

By varying the holding time of the formulations and the method of the procedure, you can successfully implement various customer requests:

- "tame" and strictly fix naughty, stiff eyebrows

- achieve a natural styling effect on soft, fine hair

- style individual curly hairs


The result of the procedure will last from 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the phase of hair growth.

The composition for the third stage of the eyebrow styling procedure, cleans the hairs from previous compositions and dyes. The balanced formula and active ingredients in the composition moisturize hairs, restore and stimulate skin regeneration.

- Allantoin relieves irritation and redness of the skin, moisturizes it. Stimulates the healing of inflammatory processes and increases the protective properties of the skin.

- Hydrolyzed silk nourishes the cells from within, enhancing the appearance of the hair. Makes them more shiny and silky.

- Ascorbic acid adds radiance and firmness to hairs, increasing volume, accelerating growth and repairing damage.


The Solution is produced in a convenient bottle with a pipette on which a measuring scale is applied, which allows you to accurately dose the amount of the composition taken and save consumption. The volume of the bottle is 5 ml.


Before using, carefully read the instructions for each eyebrow solution to get the desired effect and excellent result!


Formulation for styling eyebrows No. 3 Brow _ Go Moisturizing Cleanser, bottle 5


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